Bowenwork Therapy and Pain Recovery Clinic in Vancouver

Bowenwork Therapy and Pain Recovery Clinic in Vancouver

Bowenwork Therapy and Pain Recovery Clinic in VancouverBowenwork Therapy and Pain Recovery Clinic in VancouverBowenwork Therapy and Pain Recovery Clinic in Vancouver

bowenwork renews your body's capacity for self-healing


powerful deep relaxation

This gentle manual touch is so non-invasive, that it is not uncommon for clients to fall asleep during treatment. Employing this powerful deep relaxation response assists the body's healing ability, allowing a reset that  interrupts dysfunctional muscle patterns caused by strain, overuse, and trauma providing a deep sense of relief and letting go. The depth of the relaxation is profound offering relief from anxiety, insomnia, and stress. Find your relief through the gentle touch of Bowen.


Quality of Life Improvement

Chronic pain and movement limitation mean that you enjoy your life less. Your initial structural assessment will show where the body's imbalances, restrictions and limitations are. We help initiate your body's innate healing response to release these restrictions and imbalances that contribute to your immobility and pain so you can live your fullest vibrant healthy life.


a new approach to bodywork and pain recovery

Bowenwork was developed in the 1950's by Thomas Bowen of Geelong, Australia. Bowen's approach was to reset the tension in certain muscles and muscle groups by using a unique type of stretch-and-roll-through move and then pausing between sets of these moves to give the body time to process and begin its response. He achieved amazing results. In over 85% of the cases, the problems for which his patients sought treatment were resolved completely.
Mr. Bowen's work is now taught in over 25 countries under the auspices of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and is known under the internationally-registered trademark "Bowtech" and “Bowenwork."


Bowenwork Therapy


Get the natural recovery your body needs

Sports Injuries

Tennis Elbow / Carpal Tunnel

Plantar Fascitis
Neck & Back Pain / Whiplash
Migraines / Headaches

Sciatica / Scoliosis 

Frozen Shoulder
TMJ / Jaw Pain
Respiratory / Asthma
Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia
Stress / Anxiety / Depression
Arthritis / Joint Pain
Strains & Sprains
Traumatic Injuries
ADD / ADHD / Developmental Delay
Stroke Recovery


Bowenwork rates & services

Bowenwork Recovery Session 
60 min. Treatment Session        75-

First Time Client Bowenwork Recovery Session

60 min. Treatment Session        60-

Maintain your Bowen session benefits with a 30 minute tune-up!

30 min. Maintenance Session    40-

I greatly value and appreciate your time! Every session is prepared specifically just for your care including a few minutes rest time at the end of your session. You will never be rushed! Thank you in advance for your business!  

Cancellation Policy: Phone to Cancel Only / 24 hours by phone only for no charge / Less than 24 hours notice 50% of full rate charge   

Less than 1 hour or a No Show 100% full rate charge / Emergency including illness and accidents no charge  

Most Major Insurance Accepted - Must provide insurance for billing approval prior to your scheduled appointment.


your professional bowenwork practitioner

Sue Pfendler LMT, BCTMB
Licensed Massage Therapist Board Certified

WA license #MA00020087

"I believe in the body's innate ability to heal itself. Using Bowenwork's gentle light moves along with a holistic approach, I address specific restrictions, conditions and symptoms along with encouraging a natural potential for health to express itself in every aspect of my clients lives."

Sue Pfendler, the owner and founder of Balanced Bodyworks, has had a successful massage practice since 2004. She is Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork, a Registered Thai Therapist, and Registered Yoga Teacher. Through a personal health crisis, Sue discovered Bowenwork through another colleague. Upon experiencing first hand her own pain and movement relief and seeing the powerful results of Bowenwork, she knew she needed to learn this modality and offer it to her clients.  

She has received her Advanced Professional Bowenwork Practitioner certification through the American Bowen Academy and continues her ongoing studies training path in Bowenwork in order to provide the best care possible. In addition, Sue has certified as an Associate Bowenwork Instructor to share Bowenwork's gentle touch care by teaching the introductory class - "Bowenwork An Introduction to Wellness in Your Hands."

When you have your first session with Sue, she will set aside time at the beginning to do a thorough health in-take and assessment to determine the best course of action to personalize each session to address your presenting conditions. In some cases, she may assign simple exercises that will help to re-align the body. These exercises are an essential part of the program to bring your body to a better state of wellness.

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